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I know why you’re here. It’s a pain isn’t it?
Let’s get this sorted for you (and me sometime in the future!).

* You have attached your failover IPs to the server
* You have generated a MAC address for the failover IP (02:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)

You will need the failover IP (the one below is an example)

Here is my configuration:

# This is the network config written by 'subiquity'
        - virtual
  version: 2

As you can see, I just changed the /32 to /24 and changed the last octet of the gateway4 from 120 to 254.
The key is the /24 part. If you leave it as /32 it thinks the gateway is on a separate network.

This does work with real OVH failover addresses, I only used the internal network address 192.168 as an example.

HackRF One Hardware PortaPack SharedBrain Technologies Slow scan television (SSTV) Software defined radio (SDR)

HackRF One and PortaPack development

In my endeavours to send and receive amateur radio around the world I have purchased a HackRF One, an open source hardware computer controlled SDR transmitter and receiver board designed by SharedBrain Technologies, along with the addon board PortaPack which makes the HackRF One standalone and gives it a touch panel LCD screen and jog wheel control.

Just as the hardware for the boards have been open sourced, so has the software and there is a thriving community focussing on adding extra features to the device constantly.

You can use the HackRF alone connected to the computer and for this purpose it shines. You can send and receive signals at any frequency between 1MHz to 8GHz and above.

The power output is low (in the mW range) but if combined with an RF signal amplifier could be as powerful as your licence or local laws allow.

I got involved with the development side of this board as I want to learn SDR programming and I specifically want to be able to send and receive SSTV (slow scan television) images. While the software has already been developed to send SSTV images directly from the HackRF one and PortaPack board it does not yet have the software to receive them.

While I am learning I have been changing the parts I do comprehend such as the graphical frontend. I have added a custom splash screen and written a simple guide to allow others to do the same, and added clearer, more understandable error messages in the software itself. I also added a full monospaced font to the system and had input on the icon layout, design and colour scheme.

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Site recreation

Time moves on, as do opinions.

I have chosen to restart my sites from scratch. This means that any snippets I post will be more current, and therefore hopefully more helpful.